About Us

We are excited to design, build, and deliver products that truly make a difference. 


Sha-Dō offers tailored metal fabrication to a number of different industries. We understand that the criteria of one industry may not suit another. We customize our approach to fabricate around your specific needs to ensure the best available solutions in custom metal fabrication. Our expert designers and fabricators see your project through from design concepts to installation and implementation.  

The leader in metal fabrication

Sha-Dō began in 1993, led by Donald Gingerich, who identified the need for high-quality metal fabrication in Elkhart County, Indiana. The company has steadily expanded by providing service to multiple industries.

Our Mission

To create value by meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations in quality through continuous innovation, continuous improvement, problem solving, and close partnerships.

Sha-Dō is 100% Employee Owned

In 2017, Sha-Dō became 100% Employee Owned. This ownership structure has a significant impact on how we operate. From entry level to executive, we take pride in everything we do. Our employees have a vested interest in our business and are personally committed to delivering the best in product quality and customer service. Ownership is not just a saying at Sha-Dō – it’s our way of doing business. It’s good for our employees and it’s good for our customers.

positively commiTted to our customers

We are excited to design, build, and deliver products that truly make a difference. Any encounter with a Sha-Dō team member starts with a smile and a handshake; our commitment to positivity and professionalism resonates throughout our organization. Many of our employees have been with us for many years and we have a low turnover rate.